Water Coolers


Point of use cooler (POU)£16.50 per month – including standard installation and 2 maintenance visits per year

Bottled Cooler £5.00 per month rental plus £7.50 per maintenance visit (4 per year)

19l Bottled Spring Water – £5.50 per bottle (discounts available for large quantities – please ask for details)

No bottle deposits are charged however lost/damaged bottles will be invoiced at £5.00 each

Coolers include a plastic cup dispenser.

Plastic cups £1.70 per 100

All prices for Water Coolers/related products include delivery but are subject to VAT.

No minimum order  – we aim to respond to all orders within 24-48 hours, ensuring you are never without water

Info on our water

Our water is inspired by and sourced in The National Forest – a natural attraction in the making that provides access to acres of countryside and the opportunity for countless rural leisure activities.

National Forest Spring Water is fed from gravel beds 220ft beneath the surface on the edge of the historic Derbyshire town of Melbourne. It is bottled at source using state-of-the art facilities.

We use removable reservoir technology

The removable reservoir system is a highly efficient technology proven by industry to be the quickest and most environmentally friendly means of sanitising in the world today.

  • Bottled and POU Versions
  • Designed with user ergonomics in mind
  • High quality stainless steel cabinetry
  • Cook and Cold or your choice of one or two piece hot tanks
  • Compatible with all existing RR refrigeration systems
  • for interchangable internal parts
  • Colours and custom finishes available
  • POU units are green filter compatible
  • Also available in Direct Chill
Technical Details  
Weight: 15kg, 16kg (POU)
Dimensions (H x W x D) Bottled: 994 mm x 315mm x 315 mm
POU: 1130 mm x 315 mm x 315 mm
Performance (litres of cold water/hour)  
Cook and Cold Cold Water
At 21 ° C ambient 5.9 litres per hour
Cold Tank Capacity 1.4 litres
Power Consumption 80 Watt
Hot and Cold

Cold Water:
At 21 ° C ambient 5.2 litres per hour
Cold Tank Capacity 1.4 litres

Hot Water
At all temperatures: 7.9 litres per hour
Hot Tank Capacity: 1.5 litres per hour
Power Consumption: 600 Watt

Refrigerant Type: R134a
Refrigerant Charge: 47g